Gift Ideas for Him or Her for Christmas.

Happy new month Beauties.
Its November already, just like that!
Its exactly 55 days to Christmas guys.
Its the second year I wouldn’t be spending it with my family in Nigeria but I’m sure I’ll have a good time.

When I think of Christmas, I think of food, music, smiles and presents! We have to get presents for our parents, your other half, siblings, friends e.t.c. Don’t panic just yet. What if you start a bit early and gradually buy all those numerous presents. My biggest tip will be to wait for Black Friday in your country and shop on that day. Usually companies give up to 70% off the price tag for their products. In the U.K. its on the 27th of November.


Today’s post is a compilation of unorthodox gift ideas for him or her and some places you can get them from. Let’s get to it shall we.

For Him
-A photo album of special moments you’ve had with him. This is a very personal gift and if he’s a sensitive guy, he’ll love it.
Check out Sticky9 or Photobox
-A warm cozy jumper with some cute text on it. This is a practical gift item but be careful to match his taste in fashion.
Check out boohoo or John Lewis
-A new gadget. If you have a tech savvy guy like mine, nothing melts their heart like new tech toys.
Check out ThinkgeekCurrys or Littlite
-A customised key holder, cuff links or wallet. It could have his favourite quote, how you feel about him or the date you met.
Check out Amazon
-An interesting bed side lamp. This will be the last thing he sees every night before he goes to bed wink
Check out Aliexpress
-An experience. You could get him tickets to that concert he’s been wanting to attend, a bus trip round your city or a private date in a fancy restaurant.

For Her
-A spa treatment. Reserve a spa and pamper treatment for her and a friend or for two of you.
Check out Wahanda
-A new pair of shoes. If she’s fashion forward, getting her those shoes she’s always wanted will make her scream like a happy bunny. Check out boohoo or Missguided
-A beauty subscription. If she’s a make-up junky, she’ll surely appreciate a beauty subscription programme that sends her new beauty products month after month. You can decide for how long you want and how much a month you can afford.
Check out Love me beauty
-A boat trip. This will knock most girls off their socks especially if you both are in a tropical country along the ocean. It’ll be a Christmas to remember.
-A mobile phone charger. This comes in quite handy, notably more if she’s constantly on her phone.
Check out Amazon
– A pair of trainers. If she’s tried to go to the gym all year but never seems to make it there, this shoes might just  be the inspiration she needs.
Check out Asos

You can also make a hamper of several smaller less expensive gift items.
I’m always open to comments, suggestions and questions. Let ’em all below.

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Until my next post,
Remain Awesome.

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