My Secret Beauty Weapon

Hello Beauties!!!
I’m sorry I’ve been MIA (missing in action) on the blog this October. I’m working on balancing out my time so no aspect of my life suffers.
Today, I’ll be sharing something I discovered that has helped improve my facial skin and make-up at the same time. After my morning routine of cleansing and toning, I mix my BB cream (by Nivea, Medium to dark) and face serum (by Olay ) to create a mixture that reduces the amount of oil my face secretes throughout the day, while nourishing my skin.


I created this mixture because my BB cream is too dry and chalky whereas my face serum has a moist silky feel. Both of them together is pure perfection! I call this mixture my ‘home-made primer’.
You can do the same with your favourite serum, BB cream or moisturiser. Any two should do, as long one compliments the other.

Let’s get started!!!!
P1270338 - 13 Oct - Homemade Primer
Step One:
Grab your face serum and BB cream. The BB cream mattifies (reduces oiliness or shine) while the serum moisturises, tightens and brightens your skin.
P1270339 - 13 Oct - Homemade Primer

Step Two:
Place two puffs of your face serum and one puff of your BB cream in your palm.
P1270340 - 13 Oct - Homemade Primer
P1270342 - 13 Oct - Homemade Primer

Step Three:
Mix Mix Mix
P1270343 - 13 Oct - Homemade Primer

Step Four:
Spread on your face in a circular manner. This allows deeper penetration into your facial skin pores.
P1270346 - 13 Oct - Homemade Primer
P1270348 - 13 Oct - Homemade Primer
P1270349 - 13 Oct - Homemade Primer

Step Five:
Viola. Your face is ready for make-up and the WORLD!
I’ve been doing this almost a month and I can see very visible improvements in the colour & texture of the skin on my face. It is way smoother and my make-up sits better.
P1270351 - 13 Oct - Homemade Primer

What is your beauty or make-up secret? Care to share?

Until my next post,
Remain Awesome.

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