0 to 20, Beauty isn’t Measured in Numbers.


Recently at College, there was a very engaging class about how images are superficial. It was such an interesting lecture and when the tutor asked what our opinions were on the topic, everyone had something fascinating to say. We were asked to write about the topic in 200-300 words. I really enjoyed writing about it, so I thought I’d share it with you. I’ll also love to know how you feel about the subject.

The size of a woman is an issue that has lingered for years and still is a very sensitive topic to address. It’s even more challenging to discuss in the fashion industry today. Do we really subconsciously accept society’s definition of ‘beautiful’ , especially in Western Countries?

Flat tummy with 6 packs, medium sized round butt, slender arms and legs with thigh gaps, should this be the ideal statistics for every woman? In my opinion, a woman’s size is influenced by several factors.

  • How was she brought up?
  • Is she pregnant?
  • Does she have large bone structure?
  • Does her family have genes for being obese?
  • Is she recovering from an illness?

So many factors to consider. I’m not saying it’s okay to sit, stew and become overweight, what we all should recognize is the reality. A woman that has to look after her kids, husband, self and a job will probably not have ‘getting a 6 pack’ on her top three priority list. But still, she isn’t comfortable and confident beneath her skin. Her husband on the other hand says he loves her the way she is but when he’s on the street and walks past a ‘fit’ looking size zero brunette, he always takes a second look.

Who’s to blame, the woman, the husband, the brunette or society? We make up ‘society’. Knowingly or not, our generation has created this ideal woman that doesn’t exist and compares themselves or partner to this ‘ideal’. As a young woman, I feel the pressure to look a certain way sometimes. It’s infectious, all those billboards, magazine covers, runway shows, music videos and even movies. It’s in your face all the time, and a part of your brain is slowly being fine-tuned to assume this ideal or aspire to be one. I found this quote by Steve Maraboli on Pinterest that suited this article so well, it says
“when you judge a woman by her appearance, it doesn’t define her—It defines you”. Yes it does, it shows how narrow minded you are. The beauty of a woman should be a summation of qualities that she carries within, the physical is just an extra point.

I feel sorry for the generation after us. If we feel this much pressure now, what’ll they face when they have to mature into adults? Will they have to redefine beauty or will they carry on with the superficial grading of women. I do hope they make smarter choices so their own children wouldn’t end up being media monkeys.

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