A Letter To My Teenage Self

I work up this morning feeling grateful,
not because I’m where I thought I’ll be, or that I’d won a lottery.

Remember seeing the quote ‘Growing old is a privilege many are denied of..’
Yet a lot of people are afraid of aging.

I looked into the mirror and said to my teenage self


Dear Priscillia from 10 years Before!
How are you today?
Hope you’ve said your prayers and talked to your parents, they wouldn’t be here forever so appreciate them while you can.
Do you still have that massive crush on the boy two blocks away, relax, in some years you’ll get over it okay. You’ll get the chance to meet way nicer boys. Learn to talk to your mother about issues of the heart, she might seem scary but believe me she knows and understands way more than you know.

Another important thing you should learn is to save. Save your body and time. If you have to spend them, spend them wisely! These are priceless gifts that you cannot get back once you’ve lost. Choose who you give them to with caution. And if you make the mistake of giving them carelessly, do not beat yourself up for eternity. These mistake will help shape you into a stronger and beautiful woman, inside and out.

In a few years, you’ll find the passion for fashion, embrace it with open arms. You’ll be afraid to talk to your parents about it, it’s okay to be scared, you cannot deny yourself human expressions. However, do not wallow in fear for long. Take this passion and turn into a reality. Be ready to work really hard, be ready to be alone for a while, be ready to cry on days when it seems like no one gets you. Always always believe in yourself. Believe in the talents you’ve been blessed with, from that self belief will confidence blossom. People will question, ridicule, mock and discourage you. Do not lose hope. Keep that fighting spirit. In all of these, hold on to God for He’ll be the only person you can talk to without judgement.

Be prepared to take risks, some will fail, some will not. And when things begin to work out for you, remain humble and appreciate the few genuine people you’ll have in your life then. Never become proud because life presents you with opportunities others do not have. Instead, look for ways to help someone when you can. True happiness lies in giving rather than receiving.

Do not do away with your family because you get busy with ‘life’. These people will have your best interest at heart most times. Do not trash old friends for new ones, you might never to get the quality of friendship you throw away. When you find sincere love, my darling do not be afraid to fall. The world will tell you not to. In love you’ll find yourself all over again. It might take a few trials before you find this one guy that’ll make you feel invaluable.

One last thing, try to eat healthy, exercise, wear light make up and drink a lot of water(you’ll thank me later).

Yours Sincerely,
Priscillia 10 years into The Future.

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Stoikerty says:

    I love the idea, and it makes me think… what would you say to your future 10-years-from-now self? What do you want her to know? What are you perhaps afraid of to tell her (after all she might have forgotten)? What will you promise her? How much to you expect from her in return and what will you offer?

    If she reads that letter (and I hope she will!) then make sure you tell her everything she needs to know, even if you don’t know what she will be going through.

    Life is eternal change. You’re embracing it and I love it.
    Stay lively 🙂


    1. Kim Dave says:

      I’ll constantly remind her to remain a happy optimistic woman even when life will throws challenges her way. I hope she’ll be open to experiences and forgive easily. I’ll also tell her I’m bad at eating healthy and working out.


  2. Kings Ekiugbo says:

    “Do not trash old friends for new ones, you might never to get the quality of friendship you throw away”
    Fejiro… #smiling


  3. Patience Okpan says:

    Ten years from now, make sure can say, you chose your life.. You dint settle for it….


  4. Kim Dave says:

    @Patience Okpan.. Hopefully I’ll be happy with the choices I’ve made then. ☺


  5. Patience Okpan says:

    Ten years from now,make sure you can say, you chose your life. You didn’t settle for it.


  6. Okunribido Moses Oladimeji says:

    Only a lonely moment with God and God alone can produce this for evergreen piece. You do not only Fashion out fabric, you are also a good word fashion. God will bless that little ball in between your shoulders with more ideas. I was kicked by you!


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