Travel Diaries: Lunch At Borough Market

The cool London afternoon breeze gradually circulates the aroma of all sorts of food and drinks as I stepped into the market. It is directly opposite London Bridge tube station.

I was invited for lunch, not my first time but I love coming here. So many varieties of food, snacks and drinks. Another thing I love is the fact that if you’re patient enough to walk around this huge market, you’ll find great meals at affordable prices.

1240923-22Jul { Lunch at Borough Market }

1240925-22Jul { Lunch at Borough Market }

1240926-22Jul { Lunch at Borough Market }

1240927-22Jul { Lunch at Borough Market }

1240928-22Jul { Lunch at Borough Market }

I however knew I wanted something ‘fishy’ on my way there. I settled for a large plate of fish, chips and a little white bowl of crushed green peas.

1240931-22Jul { Lunch at Borough Market }

I wish we made more pictures but we got distracted major time. When you get the chance to go there, you’ll understand what I mean.

Anyways, hope you’re enjoying the summer weather. Take time out for yourself and loved ones, take a trip somewhere, become a tourist again if you can’t travel far and make out time to renew/refresh while its nice and warm.

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