The Clotho Exchange Programme.

Happy new month!
New ideas!!
New success stories!!!

Today I come bearing good news for all avid fashion girls.
If you are a chronic fashionista like I am then you should be familiar with the side effect of shopping, accumulating several fashion items over time.
However, I found a solution to our problem and a way to ‘de-clutter’ your wardrobe,
the Clotho Exchange Programme!
All of it started on the The Blogger Programme.


It is an online community where publishers, bloggers and brands meet, connect and work together. I applied for the Clotho Exchange opportunity there and in a week or so, I received a positive response from the company. I was so thrilled, my first ‘Fashion Collaboration’.
I immediately responded their email, thanking them for deciding to work with me, provided my mailing address and in about a week, a prepaid postage bag was sent to me. This is how I’m supposed to send my unwanted clothes back to them.


About Clotho London:
It is an online exchange that allows you to swap unwanted clothes for other outfits. It was started in October 2014, by two college buddies, lab partners and graduates of Imperial College London, Caroline and Vivien. The business idea was born while they were on a celebratory girls holiday in Marrakesh after completing their final exams. Vivien couldn’t decide what to wear for dinner one evening and she tried on a dress that belonged to Caroline and she loved it!
And out of that simple exchange, the Clotho London brand came to life.

How It Works:
You give your old or unused fashion items(up to 30 items) to Clotho London in exchange for credit that you can use to purchase items in their shop. The best part is that the credit you receive is equivalent to your items original cost. Let me explain further: If you give a dress that cost £25 originally, then you’ll receive approximately £25 Clotho credit to spend in the Clotho shop.
Once you’ve sent your clothes, they’ll process them within a week and send you an email to inform you they’ve credited your account.


To the fun part, getting the clothes available in the Clotho shop?
Use your credit to purchase outfits and pay just 17.5% of the listed retail price, which is essentially for service and shipping costs(no other fees!). For example, if you buy a dress worth £60 Clotho credit, you pay just the £10.50 service and shipping fee, 82.5% discount! That’s a really cool deal if you ask me.


Awesome right!
If you’re in London and want to be part of the Clotho Exchange, simply check out their website and request a prepaid postage bag.
Will work towards creating a styled look with items I receive from them.

More good news!
Later this month, I’ll be putting up a few new spring summer inspired items for sale in the Kim Dave Store online.
~fingers crossed~

That’s it for today’s post,
Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time,
Remain Awesome.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. ClothoLondon says:

    Fab stuff! Looking forward to hosting your collection!


    1. thekimdavevision says:

      @ClothoLondon thank you, look forward to it too!


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