My First Meet-Up Experience; Fashion Start-ups Networking Event


It held on the 16th of June by 6:00pm in a pretty posh location at Moorgate, London. I got lost finding the location because that’s a part of London I’m not familiar with. Arrived eventually about 30 minutes late, signed in and paid a token at the entrance.
It was a Fashion showcase and networking meetup for startup businesses.




Paparazzi For Hire and I.

It wasn’t what I expected but I remained open-minded. The first perosn I spoke with was the event’s organizer; Mr Irfan Khalil of Heptagon Events Ltd, nice man! After talking to him, I sort of settled into the idea of networking.
I met some pretty inspiring people; the very bright Stacy Chan of Stacy Chan Bags, she owns a luxury clutch and handbags busniess. Her bags are produced in Italy and sold here in London, they are truly unique and classy.
Devika Burman of Stylespirits ; accessories guru, Roman Hajduk of Paparazzi For Hire, Marlene Utuk; Textile Designer and many other promising young entreprenuers.
The highlight of the night for me was the talk given by Maria Tukhas of Inonectima; Graduate of Central Saint Martins and independent designer for two years.

Here’s a summary of what she said;
Be different, don’t try to develop something unless you have a very different product. Spend your time on making your product really different from what’s exciting in the market otherwise you’ll be wasting your time, effort, creative ego and the day will come when someone not in your circle of friends will objectively evaluate your product and then it’ll hit you that you should have spent more time developing and researching your ideas first before putting it out there.

Get your clients to give you feedback, reviews and constructive criticism if possible, because that’s the only way you’ll grow. One of the ways to get your website on high-ranking web search to allow people review your product on your website.

-Designer or not, don’t have the ‘I’m the star’ mentality. Pick up the phone and reach out to your customers and ask if they like your product, if there’s anything you can change and what they’ll like to see.


Maria Tukhas

I was so glad I went for this event, I expected something entirely diferent like a runway show of upcoming designers but it was purely a networking event so I had to talk to people about all sorts of things, it was certainly enlightening for me. Look forward to the next Fashion Start-ups Networking event hosted by this organizer.

That’s it guys,
appreciate your stopping by to read today’s post.
Working on some projects I can’t wait to show you all ~fingers crossed~

Until my next post,

Remain Awesome.

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