The SAP Rule to Gain Control Of Your Life Again!

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You know that stage in your life where you don’t have to work for anything, your relationship is perfect, money isn’t a problem and you have no worry in the world.

And of a sudden things become challenging. Disappointment, confusion and worry slowly crawl into your life.
You wonder what went wrong, which ‘witch’ from your village is after you, where did it begin to go all bunkers???

Most times, we are the architects of our misfortune. Probably we got carried away with a new ‘interest’ and threw caution to the Eastern wind or made wrong choices.
The reason could just be anything or anyone, so the earlier you identify the issue and fix it, not only will you waste less time wallowing in pity but you’ll move on with your life and get back on track.

I’m a witness to this so I’m speaking from experience.
So, what do you do when this happens and how do you restore balance in your life?


Literaly, switch-off from everything and everyone; phones, work, friends, even if its for 24hours and take stock of your life. The reason you lost balance in the first place is because you got too comfortable in your status quo and your priorities went ‘skinny deeping’. Once you have that precious you-time, pray! Pray like your life depends on it, pray for Mercy, Grace, Guidance, and Direction, this way you’ll receive what you need spiritually to take control of your life again. Then think, mediate and re-organize your thoughts, without any external influence identify the problem.

There were probably casualties that got hurt when your life took a ‘detour’ trip for a moment; Family and Friends. Take time and apologise to all affected, these people most times have your best interest at heart. Make up if possible; buy flowers, take them to dinner or send an apology card, show them you didn’t mean to hurt them and you love them no matter what. Then tackle the issue, if you have to cut-off the new ‘interest’ to regain balance, do it! But if it’s something you got reckless about, you have to be more cautious in the future.

Oh yes honey, you need to plan even if you have before; Replan!!!
Think about it, why did your perfect life fall apart? It’s because there’s a new segment in it you didn’t plan for and its eating into other aspects of your life. Let’s be real, it doesn’t mean this new segemnt is bad in essence, just probably means you need to reorient yourself, time and resourse wisely so no area of your life suffers.

All of these take time, so be patience and forgive yourself but at the same time be completely honest. Don’t sink into a vortex of self-loathing, that’s something our generation is so good at doing. Also, don’t seek an escape route; a new job, relationship, project, e.t.c. because very often, the medicine falls short of a cure and the chains just keep getting thicker and tighter.
One book that really helped was Marianne Williamson’s A RETURN TO LOVE, very good read and I highly recommend it for anyone trying to find themselves again.

Once again, thank you so much for reading my post despite your busy schedules.

Photography by Stoikerty.

Until my next post,
Remain Awesome.

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