1230483-30May { Priscillia Blue Wall }You’ll find her at the top of the board room table leading the meeting.
You’ll find her in front of her class explaining a topic to her awed peers.
You’ll find her at workshops and seminars verbally influencing hungry minds.
You’ll find her talking elegantly to a complete stranger and have them laughing in no time.1230438-30May { Priscillia Blue Wall }She believes in herself,
she’s comfortable in her skin and welcomes challenges.1230620-30May { Priscillia Blue Wall }she doesn’t have London’s obsessed-over thigh gaps,
her body statistics don’t equate an hour glass figure,
and rocks her natural hair like it’s worth a million bucks!-30May { Priscillia Blue Wall }-2

This isn’t pride i speak of, rather a middle point between belief and faith in herself, a healthy dose of self-conviction, mixed with trust in her abilities.

Confidence is a mind-set that grows over time as a product of experiences and conscious choice. When you see a truly confident woman,
exudes the aura of a queen,
has the mindset of royalty,
takes on life fearlessly,
knows her worth,
convited in her abilities,
and even when she eres, is quick to admit her flaws, learns from it and moves on.-30May { Priscillia Blue Wall }So women of every race and tribe,
Don’t wait for a compliment from anyone before you feel good about yourself,
you don’t need the approval of anyone to love every bit of yourself,
you are beautiful,
you are talented,
you are unique in your own way,
you are perfect in His eyes,
you are a blessing to someone.-30May { Priscillia Blue Wall }-3

Thanks for stopping by my blog today,
Bless your beautiful souls.

Wrap Blouse; Old
Pants; Choice
Sandals; Dunnes
Hand-beads; Old
Photography; Stoikerty
Location; Hampstead Threatre.

Until my next post,
Remain Aweome.

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Kim Dave Signature 2015

2 Comments Add yours

  1. steamyyz says:

    Wow! Your piece keeps getting better post after post. I really am delighted for you. Just the other day, I was reading a random post to you now I stay be reading loads of yours. Keep up the good work dearie.


    1. thekimdavevision says:

      Thanks Emeka for the support, appreciate it loads!!!


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