Are You Summer Ready???


Good morning beautiful people of the world!
Hope May has been productive for you?!

Are you ready for summer???
Today’s post is more of me sharing what has worked for me towards remaining slim and fit. I’m not a professional fitness trainer nor dietician, just a young woman here to share tips and hope it helps someone else.

Note to self and others; Try to adhere to these with discipline and you’ll be in control of your weight (except you are ill, pregnant or a nursing mum).

Work On Your Mindset
The mind is such a powerful tool but only a few know this. What the mind conceives has a way of finding its way to the physical, how? I don’t completely understand either. However, make up your mind to start a fitness journey. You don’t have to go all the way initially, else you might crash and burn. Take gradual steps; take out certain food items from your diet, say no when you are offered unhealthy food, walk to the station sometimes e.t.c. You’ll be surprised at the outcome of the combination of these little things.

Think of a well-tuned mechanism like a car engine or a clock. It can’t run effectively without lubrication and eventually seizes up. Our body is constantly working, organs pumping, tissues and cells forever functioning, its only fair you drink fluids to aid all of these processes. The best, safest and cheapest fluid that’s beneficial to your health and well-being is water.

Water helps your body’s metabolism; The kidney filters toxins but when the body is dehydrated, it can’t function efficiently and the liver takes some of the load. As the liver normally metabolises fat, it can’t do this as effectively and this can lead to weight gain. If you drink enough water, both organs work properly and your body will function better, resulting in weight loss.
It also helps you feel more alert, gives your skin a healthy glow and makes your hair shine. Think of drinking water as part of your beauty regime.

High Protein-Low Carbohydrate Meals
I subconsciously tried this in the last two weeks and the result was noticed by every one. I was too lazy to cook whenever I got home, I just ate chicken, moi-moi (beans pudding), and plantain with lemon & ginger tea.

This is not what I’m telling you guys to do, but for those number of days I stayed away from starchy cabs like white rice, bread, fries, burgers, pastries, Eba (cassava flakes mixed in hot water) e.t.c. My body shrank considerably.

Knowing this, I try to eat more proteins and very little carbs.

Prior to my trip to London, I wasn’t much of a tea or coffee drinker but the cold in this country pushed me to consume tea all the time to stay warm. Earlier this year, I purchased Thin tea and it actually worked for me. It lasted me about two months even though it was supposed to last for 28days. It reduced my hunger craving and my energy level was high so I didn’t feel like I was starving myself. Once I ran out, I switched to green tea, amazing results too. After green tea, I tried Lemon ginger tea and loved it, I can’t get enough of it now. All of these these function differently but they also trick you into consuming more water! Pretty cool.

I’m not a Gym person, been there just once, hope I can go again though. My way of exercise is running, doing squats, body push-ups, different yoga-style positions and the combined 15minutes walk on my way to school. If you are determined to get toned for summer, going to the gym will fast track things for you. Do it on your own terms or get a gym buddy to push you whenever you are slacking off.

And Finally,

Find What Works For You.
Our bodies are different and what would work for Lizzy might not work for Suzzy. Our metabolism differ as well as our genes.  So be ready to try out different routines and regimens to find out what works best for your body. For some people, they have to go to the Gym like 2-3 times every week, and stay off unhealthy food to see positive results. Whereas for some others, all they need to do is consume less food and their body responds immersely to as little as that.

Be patient with yourself and body, love it however it is but be determined to make it better.

Don’t feel discouraged because of all the hot bodies you see on social media; ask any of those ladies and they’ll tell you how they put in work to get a body like that.

The cliche is true, nothing good comes easy. Be ready for work for it.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my blog post, appreciate it!

Also, I’ll love to hear from you; feel free to leave comments below, let me know what you would like to see.

Until my next post,
Remain Awesome.

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