The Blue Bubble Dress


I’ve gotten loads of questions and comments about how I made the blue bubble dress, what the inspiration was and how good it looks.

For those who don’t know, I’m currently studying Fashion and Design (Foundation Diploma) at West London College. At the end of the course, we are supposed to choose an idea and develop a project out of it which includes the creation of a sketchbook, set of portfolio sheets, reflective journal and a final piece (garment, textile or installation).

My idea titled “Bridging The Gap” was inspired by modern bridges. To build up my project I had to walk around London and photograph bridges, especially the edgy modern ones. I successfully photographed the Golden jubilee, Black friars, Southwark, Millennium and Tower bridges.

golden jubilee bridge
Golden Jubilee Bridge.

Southwark Bridge.

blackfriars bridge
Blackfriars Bridge.

London 01 10 Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge.

millennium bridge
Millennium Bridge.

After extensive drawing, sampling, photocopying, painting, collaging e.t.c. I picked a final sample which I made the final piece with.


Fan Bridge at Paddington.

To create the final sample, I made a pattern which resembled the Fan-like bridge at Paddington with navy blue ink on A4 cartridge paper and transferred this print to same sized Pelmet paper by heat-transfer. I then folded the sheets into structures that looked like little ‘boats’ and stapled,stapled, stapled, stapled….


Enough with the boring design stuff, to the fun part.

I made a two piece look, a tube bralette and a midi skirt. Together on the mannequin, they both look like a dress.


I created a three layer base for the skirt with wire lined pelmet and attached multiple of my samples of choice to it.


For the top, I produced an actual bralette out of pelmet and stitched my samples onto it.


It took me about 5days to finish the dress, it wasn’t easy but it turned out great!!!!


I know I still have a lot to learn fashion and style-wise but I’m certainly better right now compared to when I started this course; it was worth the money, time and effort.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Until my next post…
Remain Awesome!

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  1. Okunribido Moses says:

    Thumbs up to the delta born icon. I believe strongly in your creativity. It’s all about God. Keep it up ma’am. You are a gift!


    1. thekimdavevision says:

      thank you Moses for such beautiful words!


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