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What is beauty to you?

A wise person once answered that question thus;
…It is a deeper understanding of things….

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Not everyone will agree with that definition.
To you it might be;

1230185-04May { Priscillia in Nature }

The curves on a woman’s body,
Symmetry in appearance,
Smooth even-toned skin,
Coloured eyes,
The fit of a garment,

1230120-04May { Priscillia in Nature }-1
The scent of a lover,
Long hair,
A six-pack,
A pair of Miu Mui,
A diamond ring,

1230182-04May { Priscillia in Nature }
Perfect denture,
The Opera,
A Tesla,
A house in Dubai…..

Yes I consider all these things beautiful, I appreciate all things beautiful man-made or not.

But true beauty is far beyond the physical, what you see is just one aspect to it. Like an onion, it has several layers, and the deeper it is, the purer it’ll be.


To be selfless,
To be warm,
To be tender,
To be slow to anger,
To be patient,
To be humble,
To love someone without reserve,
To be positive even in tough times,
The ability to make others happy,
The sun, sea and skies…

1230168-04May { Priscillia in Nature }

Things you can’t touch but can impact a visible effect in your life,

That is beauty to me.

1230191-04May { Priscillia in Nature }

What is it to you?

Sandals by Atmosphere
Skirt by Kim Dave Designs
Crop top by Atmosphere
Floral crown from Primark
Photography by @stoikerty
Jewelries were gifted to me..

Until my next post,
Remain Awesome!

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Kim Dave Signature 2015

3 Comments Add yours

  1. chioma says:

    Symmetry in appearance and smooth even toned skin *wink* #justkidding. Well done, I love the entire outfit …and the background is amazing!


    1. thekimdavevision says:

      Thank you darling!!! 😏


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