Star Of The Month: Morts & More Co-owner Joshua Umoren

Morts & More is a London based bespoke tailoring company founded by two friends in 2008; Sena Mortoo and Joshua Umoren; and co-partner Issac Harold. In the space of 7 years they have built a name for themselves.

Walking Morts&More - Sena Mortoo & Joshua Umoren Joshua Umoren(left) and Sena Mortoo(right)


Isaac Harold, co-partner in Morts & More.

With skills in Information Systems and Business Development, the addition of Isaac to the team has aided the company’s desires in reaching great heights.

The first attraction I had to this brand was the clean cut of the suits they produced, how polished/dapper these suits made men look, at cost that didn’t break the bank. The interesting aspect about the tailoring experience with them is that they combine a client’s personal taste with traditional tailoring and modern style. They hence create a clothing with a perfect fit; personally and style-wise.


I got in touch with one of the owners, Mr Joshua and he was kind enough to grant me an interview which I did for two reasons.
1) To inspire other creative minds to be brave enough to start their own businesses.
2) I’m working on establishing my business in London and I need advice.

Let’s meet Joshua Umoren shall we?tumblr_nklxh8qDTK1t7zzfuo1_1280

What’s your full name and where are you from?
I’m Joshua Ntiedo Umoren and I was born here in London but i’m of African origin.

What did you study for your first degree and from which University?
BSc Pharmaceutical Sciences and Cosmetic Science at De Montfort Univeristy in the U.K.

Why the switch, what made you venture into fashion?
When my friends and I had to wear suits everyday for work but couldn’t find anything with good quality and style within our budget, we decided to do something about it.

How did the partnership between you and Sena Mortoo begin?
We’ve been friends since college, we also attended the same university.

Did you get your family’s support when you wanted to start the business?
Definitely, they’ve always supported me in following my own path.

How many years have you guys been running the Morts & More company?
3 years.

I suppose it wasn’t easy? What kept you guys going?
Passion for good tailoring and building something to be proud of.

Any plans to relocate to Nigeria?
No immediate plans but something for the future.

In your opinion, is the U.K market more promising than the Nigerian market? why?
London is more promising for me, simply because I am here. Born, raised and residing. If I was in Nigeria, then I’d find Nigeria to be more promising.

What do you think about the Nigerian Fashion Industry?
Its vibrant, competitive and ever advancing. There a few tailors there whose work I admire.

Kindly give 3 tips to a budding designer on how to succeed in the fashion scene in London.
– Make sure its what you truly want to do (your passion), as when it gets tough (and it will) that is what will keep you going.
– Design what you want to make rather than what the market wants you to make.
– Stay focused on your end goal.

What makes the Morts & More brand unique?
We provide a great tailoring experience as opposed to just quality suits. Having a great experience with us is key.



On a lighter note, are you married?


What qualities do you find attractive in a lady?
– Has a relationship with God
– Confident
– Fun

Finally, words of wisdom to the Nigerian youth?
The only one that can make a difference to your future is you.

Thank you so much for answering the questions.

I hope this interview will inspire others to start their own projects or business whether here or back in Nigeria. Check out Morts & More online.

If you would like to pay a visit to their store, go to:
1 Change Alley, London, EC3V 9LJ
it’s a few minutes walk from Bank station.

There you have it guys.
Ditch the excuses, roll up your sleeves, tie your hair back and do ‘something’.

Until my next post,
remain awesome.

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