Personal statement

My name is Okpan O. Priscillia, i’m a 24yrs old Nigerian born and based upcoming designer.On my 18th birthday, all i could think about was how i’ll look my best, how many gifts i’ll get, where i’ll go with friends and family…
But as the next 5birthdays after that came and went, my thought pattern started changing; less selfless, future plans, self growth and development e.t.c became the pegs in my line of thoughts.
Growing up, I always liked being different, not in an usual way but in a challenging way. if every one else was wearing a trend, i’ll normally not jump onto the wagon, either i modify mine or not wear at all, maybe thats why i started designing my own clothes.
Little by little, i was consumed by the desire to look stylish to the extent that i spent about 60% of my allowance of clothes and the related when i was in the university.
Aside winning the best dressed award in my department then, i was curious about what more fashion had to offer, could it be more than clothes? a medium of expression? a vehicle of art? a career?
After my first degree,in 2012, i found a really cool school where i tasted the first nectar of fashion, Martwayne Fashion School, Lagos, Nigeria.
There i was exposed to different fundamental aspects of fashion; Understanding female body forms, how to take current measurements, pattern drafting, how to use a machine and so on.
I fell so in love.
Its been  a little over a year since then and in that duration i started  KimDaveDesigns, a clothing line for female apparels and accessories.
During my first year running the clothing line, i’ve released two collections, participated in two fashion shows, two exhibitions and a charity event for orphaned kids.
I desire to improve my skill and craftsmanship, experience new cultures and people, broaden my fashion horizon and be a better female designer, all of this i believe i’ll obtain during the one year diploma in fashion and design at your institution.
One year because i don’t want to allow my brand to rot while am away and it gives me ample time to improve myself while am at your institution.
One of the visions for my career is to be able to reach out to women through fashion, to empower, encourage and inspire them to live positive lives.
So am currently doing a Diploma in Fashion and Design here in London at ********************

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