Respect the process!

1220902-22Mar { Pri St Pancras }

Everyone desires success but not everyone is willing to work for it. Your will, tenacity and diligence will be tested ;you will know strain, pain and lack, they’ll become familiar friends ; you’ll be alone, sometimes ;you’ll be misunderstood, by everyone ;you’ll be judged, oh yes you will….

1220894-22Mar { Pri St Pancras }

But I see it all as a journey, a process – and if you skip a step or season, you might not really appreciate the progress seen when you evolve.

So for every time things aren’t going the way you want or a situation might seem static, bare in mind that just because you cannot see the immediate result you desire, doesn’t mean you aren’t getting closer to it by every minute of effort you put in.

1220883-22Mar { Pri St Pancras }

1220915-22Mar { Pri St Pancras }

1220891-22Mar { Pri St Pancras }

1220874-22Mar { Pri St Pancras }

1220925-22Mar { Pri St Pancras }

1220870-22Mar { Pri St Pancras }

In the end,

its all going to be worth it.

1220940-22Mar { Pri St Pancras }

Basic denim shirt

White lace midi skirt from Aliexpress

Black strappy sandals by Shoe Republic

Jewelry by Atmosphere

Watch by Swatch

— Location: St Pancras Hotel London

— Photography: Stoikerty

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  1. Ojeaga Omoefe says:

    Weldone darling


    1. thekimdavevision says:

      Thanks hun @Efe


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