6 Healthy Ways To Cope With Stress!!!


First and foremost, i’m not a health care personnel, nor a doctor in any ramification…

I’m just here to share ways I’ve been able to manage stress without caving into negative aids.

Some of you might think, ‘what does she know about stress, she is still a small girl’ , well this ‘small girl’ has managed to scale through the last two decades and half of her life without doing anything her peers normally do when facing tough times and she is grateful to some people, things and activities
that has helped.


•Pray About EVERTHING!!!
This is the oldest trick in the book! No matter how small or big the issue is, talk to God about it. Prayer gives you a free medium to truly say how you feel without being judged. Plus He has promised to ‘answer’ ALL as long as we ask with sincerity and the right motive.


•Talk To People.
Family and friends were placed around you for a reason, it wasn’t by chance. Just be careful who you choose to talk to; seek someone who has your genuine interest at heart, easy to talk to, knows how to manage information and willing to help/support you.


•Deal With It.
Whether its a difficult situation, hard decision, struggling with an addiction, and general issues life throws at us, facing it and dealing with it (of course with divine guidance) is the only way it’ll disappear from your life.


When i’m super stressed and its from something i can’t control, i go jogging/running/walking. It gives me the opportunity to clear my head, think things through, i even talk to myself in the process and by the time i’m back, i always feel better.


•Seek Professional Help.
Now now people, there’s nothing wrong in admitting there is a problem, by doing that you’ve solved it half-way. If its beyond your control and deep down you know it might damage you, please swallow whatever restrictions you have and get help ASAP.


•One Step At A Time.
Some times, stress springs from taking on way too many responsibilities. In this case, you mind is new to the volume of task its been exposed to and hence might give off signals tied to stress. Solution? Time management! Plan your day, month and year ahead of time. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be mentally prepared for what’s ahead and you’ll know before hand if you will need to hire help or drop some task before embarking on them.

If you have any special means through which you’ve been able to suppress stress, kindly share below..


Stay Awesome

♕♕Kim Dave♕♕

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