Solo Race!


There is a reason a coffin is suited for only person, (even if you were born a twin except in extreme cases of Siamese twins), its a sign that life is a one man race! We are encouraged along the way to make friends, to not be an island, to be social animals!

…..yada yada yada!

Don’t get me wrong, i’m super friendly and open, but i know at the end of the day, success isn’t going to come from sitting and chatting or doing what every other person wants you to do but from hard work, discipline, drive, passion amongst other qualities not to mention divine providence!

So if you end up having a miserable life because you were expecting Mum, or Dad or Aunty or Uncle to help you every step of the way or make decisions for you, my dear its your cup of hot chocolate!

I mean, these guys have their own lives to live plus they have other kids and jobs cater to, so at some point your dependency on them should gradually decrease as you should begin to bear responsibilities of your own and pretty soon, that of your own family!

So if you are going to be fine with the mediocre life created from every other person’s choices, then be my prime guest and enjoy it!

But, yes but.. on the other hand, in the near future when your peers are ‘10,000Km’ ahead and you are still stuck in your safe-comfortable-predictable-net, do not blame anyone else but yourself.

So dudes and dudettes, do not wait till you are 30 before you start making certain choices that your future self will thank you for years from now.

Start that business!
Make that move!
Work out!
Stand for the truth!
Join that class!
Speak up!
Make that decision!
Take that trip!

Do ’em all with the right motive!
and always…
Stay Awesome
♕♕Kim Dave♕♕

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