Trish McEvoy Skincare Review

Born in Ireland but raised in Germany, renowned make up artist Trish McEvoy founded her beauty line at age 25 and has turned it into a multimillion dollar business in 5years, Wow!
Her range of beauty products include cosmetics, skin-care, fragrances and make-up brushes.
Today, our focus will be on the skin care products which I got myself for New Year and i’ve been using for almost two months.


Each item shown above is sold separately but i got a kit at a discounted price which had six different skin care items;
1)Facial Serum(a)


To be applied twice daily after a bath or on lazy days, after you’ve removed your make-up. This helps to tighten facial tissues and get rid of dark circles,fine lines,’unevenness’ and non-uniform skin tone.

2)Daily exfoliator pads(b)
This glass can holds 40pads to be used once a day, morning or night.
If your skin is sensitive, its advisable to use this like 3-4times a week instead. The beta-hydroxyl removes dead skin and any make-up left in your facial pores.

3)Weekly Peel Pads;


The larger circular pads work deep into skin tissues in the face and eliminates dead cells. After a week long’s make-up routine, exposure to dust, and heat, this leaves your face feeling like a baby’s butt.
Its Okay to apply on neck and décolleté area.
4)Make-up Remover;


Use this with cotton pads, and it removes both face and eye make-up. Use as your heart desires.

5)Eye Cream
This is a smaller version of the facial serum shown on the extreme left of the first image.
If you have dark circles like i do as well as puffy eye bags after late night work, this is a must have.
Apply 3-4times a week around the eyes for best results.

6)Retinol Cream
This is a more intense cream treatment for fine lines and dark circles around the eyes. This is for more matured women, say 45years and above, depends on your skin.
Overall, the look of my face has improved greatly since i started using the kit. Aside the price, which is a little on the high side, this was a great investment and i can see results already and i’m just half way through the items.
If you are looking for a skincare line to try, go Trish McEvoy! 😉

Stay Awesome!

♕♕Kim Dave♕♕

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