They Save Us!!!

Growing up I was always the curious child, the one who climbed tress, wore my mother’s clothes, my dad’s hats, my brothers’ shoes…just think about it and name it, I did…good and not so good!

Maybe its that same innocent curiosity that lead me to try my dad’s eyeglasses! I used to always wonder why he wore them whenever he wanted to read something, the smaller the letters, the farther he would place the paper and squint like he was having a bad headache. The moment i opened my juvenile eyes behind those massive framed glasses, the ground seemed like it was opening up and about to swallow me. Freaked out, i immediately removed it!

‘Good Lord, how can one see and move around properly in this’..
It was after several years i got to know about eye defects and why people needed glasses….

But in my teens, I found this funny looking pair of sunglasses in brothers’ room, I knew what it was but I never understood why they wore them…Why would I wanna dim my vision all in the aim to be ‘cool’!?
But thinking about all of it now, they all make complete sense to me now;
Eyeglasses save us, Literally!!!

Lemme explain…

For those with eye defects, recommended eyeglasses enable clearer vision for easy reading, movement and overall function; its necessity cannot be over emphasized.

On the other hand, the sunglasses which are more of fashion accessories protects us from harmful sunrise, conceals identity to an extent, boosts self confidence, and complete an ensemble.

All of this was spurred into thought and further into writing this article when I saw the 2014 Warby Parker eye-wear collection, I loved every piece!
They made eye-wear look so good, both the recommended and sunglasses are to die tofaints
Warby Parker is an American eye-wear company that produces both recommended and funky sunglasses for both male and female.
What I love most was the choice of frames, stunning and edgy.
To add the cherry on top, they partnered with Architecture for Humanity to celebrate their 15th anniversary, and so part of the sales goes to charity…Amazing if you ask me..
My fave piece will have to be the sky blue sunglasses with slim silver and brown frames, a must have!!
See some of them below:








You can check out their website and find out how to order one of these ‘beauties’

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  1. thekimdavevision says:

    For Eyeglasses –>
    For Sunglasses —>
    For Warby Parker —>

    You can use any of the links above to access these lovely items as well as the company’s site


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