The Kim Dave Vision

The Kim Dave vision: fusion of fashion of this generation and every before it.

BACKGROUND: The clothing line (headed by Okpan Oghenefejiro Priscillia,Yours truly) was previously known as Colour_me_design but had a name change for more reasons than one. The creative director, Priscillia, started designing as far back as her childhood days but she never thought she’ll get to create pieces for anyone other than herself. She obtained her first official training in Fashion, even though for a short while, at the prestigious Martwayne Fashion School, Lagos, Nigeria during the first trimester of 2013.Newbie if you ask me but talented still. She draws inspiration from life, how challenging it can be but yet still beautiful. With the assistance of capable and equally creative minds, she has worked to see the birth of the line which released its debut collection in August 2013 and was received with warm reviews. She’s currently working on another collection for 2014.

The Kimberly Lady embraces her past and applies the wisdom and experiences gained from them to mould herself into a better person. She’s daring; life has taught her to be. She’s confident; she does not tie her individuality to anything or anyone. She’s innovative; for she aims to be a source of help to herself and her society. She isn’t afraid of a challenge; for out of them are greater things born.
The line is targeted at young contemporary ladies between ages of 20-35 years; individuals that are daring, bold and confident, who utilize fashion as a means of expression of self.
Its more than a clothing line, we seek to create awareness through fashion that no man is an island of creativity and most of what we see today has been done in some way before; therefore, our history is as much a part of our present and our future.

Every man has three basic needs; food, shelter and clothing. The Kim Dave clothing line doesn’t just provide garments for females; we create unique and affordable pieces.
Aside from meeting one of the basic needs of man, we aim to employ more hands as tailors, machinist, and so on, which will provide job opportunities for the teeming population of unemployed Nigerians.

Creative Director: Priscillia Kimberly Okpan
Assistant Creative Director: Laura Okpan

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