Watch this space…

Hey guys!
Feels like its been years since i wrote last, my sincere apologies…
National service amongst other things have been part of the reasons for my ‘MIA’ but hopefully now that i’m more settled i’ll be active and back in full swing
…So i’ll like to let you in on one of my agendas for 2013…
Fashion is an extension of me and this i’ll be expressing through my clothing line that i’ll be starting soooooooooon..
I’m so excited even though it hasn’t been an easy process.
Some of you might have seen my logo or even have my ‘alpha’ pieces but enough said, my first collection will be purely for females….sorry guys, maybe later up the line i’ll do something for you!
The name of my clothing line is Colour_Me_Design
….I’m a ‘sucker’ for colours and its an essential component of fashion.
Colour is infused in varying degrees in one’s personal style, so just as a canvas is painted by an artist so also i ‘colour’ a client with piece(s) to create a stylish, gorgeous and unique masterpiece that will make you stand out.
My target clients for now are young vibrant and confident ladies between ages 20-35years
So ladies, stick close and get ready to be COLOURED!!!

One Comment Add yours

  1. jhacquey says:

    Big babe! I hail o. Congrats! I hope i’d b colored tho…


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