Put Yourself In Her Shoes

We both collapsed after 30mins of steamy sex, i inhaled deeply to catch my breath but air wasn’t the only thing that rushed into my lungs and soul. I inhaled also anxiety,fear and confusion. But who was I to complain, I had just received the keys to a brand new car that day as a gift for my 35th birthday, this year marks 2years since Jeremy and i started dating. Aside from the new car, money wasn’t a problem with him.
With an office job that pays quite generously and running side along one of the hotels for his Father,money indeed wasn’t a problem;
so whenever I ask him for financial aid no matter the amount, he never lets me down.
Any normal functioning girl at that age after such a period with a guy endowed with the necessary attributes will surely have marriage on her plate.

I love Jeremy veryyyyyy much but something about him doesn’t add up, shelving the fact that he’s 3years older than me; he takes me everywhere except his parent’s house saying we shouldn’t rush things as we need more time to build our relationship, gullible and handicapped by love; I didn’t argue otherwise!
My friends all envy me, wish they had Jeremy to themselves and this weakens even more any sense of reasoning I have despite my university degree.
My parents encouraged me all the way being the first daughter saying I’ve been single for too long.

The feel of his strong hairy arm as he reaches for my ‘girls’ bring me back to room 402 Hanston hotel. He smiled and kissed me on my left cheek,this usually was a sign that he was in a good mood. We were to travel to Ghana the next day to spend the weekend in celebration of my birthday. Damn i’m getting old!

But that wasn’t the only thought doing a 100m dash in my head, I was 3 weeks late and a test at the Doctors’ confirmed my fear. I didnt know what to expect in terms of his reaction, I turned and faced the wall where the A.C was mounted in hope that the cold air from it will freeze out all my worries.
He got up and went to use the bathroom. It was about 10:45pm. At 10:50pm,with Jeremy taking a shower and singing while at it; my worrisome thoughts and the irritating sound of the ticking clock on the table adjacent to the bed were the company I had.

Then Jeremy’s phone started to ring…..Usually I do not touch his phone, laptop or tablet as a contrary behaviour had cost me a dear relationship in times past. But the caller was persistent as Rihanna’s Diamonds was playing for the 5th time and her voice began to annoy me, so I reached for the phone with the aim of placing it on vibration mode but the ‘curious cat’ in me arose when I saw the number calling was saved as ‘Yellow pawpaw’.
I answered the call in a low whispered tone and a male child’s voice was at the other end of the line, “HELLO DADDY DADDY!!! MUMMY IS VERY ILL.”
The phone fell from my hand and the sound of the shattering screen is the last thing I remember….

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  1. It’s a dog eat dog world we live in. Girls s-h-i-n-e ur eyessssss!!!!


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